Why Squeaking Noise From Front Wheel When Driving

As your vehicle tires are in constant contact with the road surface, the noise from the tires can vary depending on road conditions. For example, the porosity or texture of the road surface is greatly responsible for tire noise. But the noise is sometimes completely different, which we call squeaking.

You will generally hear a squeaking noise from the front wheel when driving. This noise is not only annoying but demands immediate attention. This guide will discuss the reasons behind the squeaking noise coming from the front wheels and its solutions. Let’s get rolling.

Why Does The Front Wheel Make A Squeaking Noise While Driving

Why Do I Hear Squeaking Noise from the Front Wheel When Driving?

Wheel squeaking is common in most cars and indicates some serious problems. You might hear the squeaking noise from the front wheel for many reasons. They are below:

  • Incorrectly inflated tires
  • Damaged wheel bearing
  • Faulty wheel alignment
  • Worn brake pads

Here is a detailed overview of the problems.

Incorrectly Inflated Tires

Keeping the air pressure in your vehicle tires at a specific level is a must for safe driving. When the tires are correctly inflated, the surface area of the tires is maximized. As a result, the vehicle has a greater contact area with the road surface, which ensures even performance and less noise.

But if the tires are overinflated, the contact area gets reduced. The outer edges of tires are lifted from the ground, which puts more stress on the middle section of the tires. When the tires are underinflated, the middle section gets lifted, and the stress is put on the outer edges. Check the visual comparison between differently inflated tires below.

You might hear a squeaking noise when excessive force is exerted on the wheels. As the driver is slightly closer to the front wheels than the rear wheels, the noise seems to be coming from the front wheels.

Damaged Wheel Bearing

Bearings ensure the wheels can move with the least friction. The bearing components should be in good condition to rotate the wheels without any annoying noise. But with continuous driving on uneven surfaces, the bearings can get damaged. As a result, they induce additional friction while driving the car.

If the wheel bearings are damaged, you will hear squeaking noise from the front wheels when driving.

Faulty Wheel Alignment

All four wheels of your vehicle should be perfectly aligned to make the vehicle drive without noise. But the alignment isn’t often perfectly tuned while replacing tires or rims. When you drive with misaligned tires, you will hear squeaking noise from the front wheels. They might also pull the vehicle sideways, so steering the vehicle will be a lot more difficult than usual.

If the tires don’t have enough pressure and you continue to drive the vehicle, it might affect the wheel alignment in the long run.

Worn Brake Pads

When you press the brake pedal, the brake pads squeeze against the brake disc to bring your vehicle to a halt. But if the brake pads are worn, the metal backing plate will come in contact with the brake disc. As a result, you will hear an intense squeaking noise from the front wheels while driving. The noise increases if you brake at high speed as the friction is much greater.

Low-quality brake pads cause this problem pretty often. So, you should always use high-quality brake pads (Our Pick:) in your car.

Why Do I Hear Squeaking Noise from the Front Wheel While Turning?

Sometimes, the squeaking noise might not be present when you are driving in a straight line on a smooth surface. But the noise comes in when you turn the steering wheel. It indicates the fluid level for the steering system is low. Vehicles with power steering use fluids to move the necessary components to steer the vehicle.

When the fluid level is low, the movement of these components causes friction. This is why you hear the squeaking noise from the front wheel while turning the vehicle.

Why Do I Hear Squeaking Noise from the Front Wheel While Cornering?

Driving at low speeds on a road surface with enough traction helps you maneuver the vehicle smoothly. Tire treads are almost always parallel with the driving line in such conditions. So, the wheels should not make any additional noise.

But the situation changes when you drive the same vehicle at high speeds. Tires can often slip outward when you take corners at high speed. As a result, the tire-pavement interaction noise increases, which you hear as a squeaking from the front wheels.

This noise can change depending on what tires you are using and what road surface you are on.

How to Stop Squeaking Noise from the Front Wheel When Driving?

Knowing the correct reason behind the problem makes it easier to solve the problem. You can take the following measures to stop the squeaking noise from the front wheels.

  • Check the ideal tire pressure in the vehicle’s manual. Then, check the tire pressure on the vehicle. If the tires are over or under-inflated, adjust the pressure accordingly.
  • Check the manufacturer’s guide on how long the brake pad will last. If the squeaking remains after adjusting the tire pressure, check the brake pads for signs of wear. Replace them if necessary.
  • Take the vehicle to an experienced mechanic and get the wheel alignment checked. Also, check the wheel bearings for any damage. Make sure the wheel bearings are working perfectly, and the wheels are aligned.
  • Avoid driving at high speeds. Always reduce the speed while taking a corner or turning the vehicle.

You can also check the video for more fixes.


Check the answers to some commonly asked questions about squeaking noise from front wheels.

Can Squeaking Noise Come From Dirty Brake Components?

Though it is unlikely, there can be particle deposits on brake discs or moving components. If you don’t clean the components long, the brake will make a squeaking noise while driving.

How Long Can I Drive With Squeaking Noise From The Front Wheels?

Once you hear the squeaking noise from the front wheels, it is better to take the vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible. Don’t drive more than 100 miles with the noise.

Can Low Brake Fluid Cause The Squeaking Noise?

Yes, it can. When the brake fluid level is low, the pads don’t evenly squeeze the disc. As a result, there can be a squeaking noise from the wheels.


The squeaking noise from your vehicle is downright annoying. But it is also an indication that something is wrong with your vehicle. Knowing what causes the squeaking noise is crucial for solving the problem. So, why do you hear a squeaking noise from the front wheel when driving?

Incorrectly inflated or worn tires, damaged bearings, tire misalignment, or worn brake pads can cause the wheels to squeak while driving. You might understand the reason by diagnosing the noise if you have enough experience. Otherwise, you must take the vehicle to a mechanic and figure out the exact reason. Take the necessary steps to stop the vehicle from squeaking.

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