Reasons Behind Scraping Noise When Accelerating

Scraping noise when accelerating is a highly common issue in automobiles. Usually, noise is a sign of a serious problem, and a wide range of factors typically causes it.

So this scraping noise can also arise due to minor issues, including loose parts or damaged tires. Diagnosing the reason behind the scraping noise when accelerating the car is a must to ensure safe driving. It also helps to prevent any further damage to the vehicle and maintain longevity.

This guide will outline some of the most common reasons behind the unusual sound and help you to figure it out. A small amount of knowledge can help you solve problems and make the vehicle last longer. So, continue reading till the end!

Reasons Behind Scraping Noise When Accelerating

Why Does The Car Make Scraping Noise When Accelerating?

The scraping noise can be due to a number of factors. Typically, worn suspension, loose parts, driveline issues, etc., are responsible for the issue. Moreover, finding the underlying reason behind the scratching sound caused by the vehicle when accelerating is essential. It will help owners to solve the issue swiftly and protect the car from further damage.

Here, we have prepared a list to ensure a quick understanding of the problems –

  • Worn Out Suspension Components
  • Loose Parts
  • Problems with the Driveline
  • Worn Brake Components
  • Damaged Tires
  • Misaligned Wheels
  • Engine or Transmission Issues

Reasons Behind Scraping Noise When Accelerating

Now, let’s discuss all the issues behind scraping noise while accelerating one by one in detail.

1. Worn Out Suspension Components

Suspension components help to provide a smooth ride by minimizing the impact of bumps and vibrations. Over time, these components wear out and become less effective. And this leads to scraping noises when the car goes over bumps.


To solve this issue, check the suspension and the components connected to it.

Identify the worn components and remove them from the vehicle.

Replace the damaged components with new ones, and the car is good to go.

2. Loose Parts

A common reason behind the unlikely noise from the car is due to loose parts. Loose parts or pieces in the exhaust system, heat shields, suspension, and so on will cause scraping noises. This is because the parts vibrate and make a scraping sound as they are not securely placed.


The solution to this problem is extremely simple. You will have to secure the loose parts in their place properly to avoid vibration. In order to do this, take a wrench and tighten the bolts properly to secure the parts.

3. Problems with the Driveline

The driveline, including the axles, driveshaft, and other components, are often responsible for causing scraping noises when the vehicle accelerates. Issues such as broken joints or components, lack of proper lubrication, etc., will cause the driveline components to scrape against each other. And this leads to the scraping noise.


Check all the driveline components properly and make sure that there are no problems. If any of the joints or components are broken, it is important to get them repaired or replaced accordingly.

Lastly, make sure that all components are properly lubricated to avoid scraping against one another. For efficient driveline performance, rely on the best transmission fluid (our pick).

4. Worn Brake Components

Brake Components
Brake Components

Components, such as calipers, rotors, etc., make up the braking system and can cause scraping noises. This typically happens when the components are damaged or worn out.


Examine the braking system connected to the vehicle and make sure they are functioning properly.

If you find any of the parts damaged or worn, make sure to repair them properly.

However, in a few cases, you will have to rely on replacing the components.

5. Damaged Tires


Damaged tires are another major reason behind the loud and scraping noise the vehicle makes. Typically, if the tires have cuts or bulges, it can also cause scraping noises when the car is in motion or accelerating.


Examine all the tires of the car and make sure that they are in perfect shape or condition.

If the tires have cuts or are damaged in any way, get the tires patched or repaired.

Make sure that the tires are properly inflated up to the right level.

6. Misaligned Wheels

Oftentimes, the wheels of a vehicle become misaligned. If the wheels are misaligned, they can scrub against the road surface. And this will cause scraping noises when the automobile accelerates.


Resolving the misalignment issue is quite easy. To resolve wheel misalignment, you will have to adjust the wheels so that they are properly aligned.

Make sure to replace or repair any damaged components that cause the misalignment.

7. Engine or Transmission Issues

Engine or Transmission Issues
Engine-Engine or Transmission Issues

In a few rare cases, engine or transmission problems are responsible for causing scraping noises when accelerating. A worn or damaged engine mount will cause the engine to move excessively, leading to scraping noises.

Similarly, a worn-out transmission will result in unusual sounds.


Examine and diagnose the underlying cause of engine or transmission problems. And rely on necessary repairs or work to fix the issues. The repairs typically include engine or transmission rebuild, worn component replacement, and so on.


If you’re still having concerns check out this YouTube Video!

Is a Rattling Noise While Accelerating Similar to a Scraping Noise When Accelerating in a Honda Accord?

A rattling noise while accelerating in a Honda Accord can differ from a scraping noise when accelerating. The honda accord rattling noise accelerating may indicate loose parts or an issue with the engine or transmission. Conversely, a scraping noise suggests a potential problem with the brakes or a damaged undercarriage component. It is important to diagnose and address these noises promptly to ensure optimal performance and safety.


Do you still have questions about the topic? Focus on the answers to the most common questions for a clear understanding!

How Can I Diagnose The Cause Of Scraping Noise When Accelerating?

Pay attention and identify where the noise is coming from. Check all the vehicle components and see whether there are any loose or damaged parts.

How To Prevent Scraping Noise When Accelerating?

To prevent the scraping noise, make sure the vehicle is properly maintained and there are no damaged components. Replace or repair any problem that you identify before it causes severe damage to the car


The scraping noise when accelerating is not only annoying but also harmful to the longevity of the vehicle. Diagnosing the reason behind it and finding the proper solution is a must to ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly on the road.

If you ever encounter a strange noise issue, rely on this guide for help. Make sure you don’t neglect any matter, whether how big or small it seems. With that being said, good luck and drive safe!

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