How To Open Honda Accord Trunk From Outside Without Key?

Every Honda Accord has a lock mechanism on its truck for safety. It prevents unauthorized access to your truck. However, you may face unfortunate situations where you lock your keys on the truck and need to open them from outside!

You can open your Honda Accord trunk from the outside in two ways. One is the trunk release button beside the steering wheel, and another is by the emergency release handle of the trunk behind the rear seat! 

These methods only work when you have access to your car. However, if you don’t have access to your car or keys and want to know how to open the Honda Accord trunk outside without a key, follow until the end of this blog!

How To Open Honda Accord Trunk From Outside Without Key?

Depending on Your Honda Accord’s model year, there may be a few alternative ways to open Your trunk without a key. Follow these solutions and see whatever suits your situation!

Spare keyfob

You should benefit from your spare key fob if you don’t have access to your trunk keys. If you have an extra key fob, it may have a programmed trunk opening capability. 

However, this is only available on recent Honda Accord models only! If you own a newer Honda Accord Model, you can utilize your spare keyfob if you ever face these situations!

Trunk Release Button

Alternatively, many Honda Accords include a button on the left side of the steering wheel near the driver’s side. 

You can press that to open the trunk of your Honda Accord. If your car doors aren’t locked, you can use that method.

Open your Honda Accord doors and sit by the driver’s seat. Then look closely to find the trunk release button. You can identify it with the logo, as it will have a symbol of a car with an open trunk!

Emergency Release Handle

You can also attempt to access the trunk via Your rear seat. If You’re lucky enough to reach here, you’ll notice a yellow emergency release lever. This emergency release lever can unlock the trunk from the inside when needed.

The good thing is it is available on every car, and you can pull the emergency release handle on your Honda Accord to open the trunk. 

Actually, according to the new FMVSS documentation by NHTSA, every car manufactured after 2002 has to have an emergency release handle!

Slim Jim Tool

Slim jim is a long, thin metal device that may be inserted between the car’s weather stripping and glass to open the door from the inside. Slim Jims are commonly available at auto parts stores or online and can be used to access your trunk without a key.

Unlocking your Honda Accord trunk is simple if you have a Slim Jim tool. First, place the Slim Jim between the car’s weather stripping and glass. 

Next, locate the latch inside and connect it to the tip of the Slim Jim. Pull up once you’ve hooked it, and the trunk will unlock.

Locksmith Or Dealership Support

If none of those ways work, your only option is to call a locksmith or dealership. 

A locksmith will have unique equipment that can unlock nearly any car door or trunk. An expert locksmith can get you access to your trunk without harming your Honda Accord.

You can also take your car to the dealership to get your locked truck fixed in no time. They will probably ask for documentation or paperwork to verify the car’s ownership.

Is a “Check Charge System” message on my Honda Accord related to the trunk not opening without a key?

The Check Charge System message on your Honda Accord indicates an issue with the charging system of your vehicle. This problem may not be directly related to the trunk not opening without a key. It is advisable to consult a professional to diagnose and address both issues efficiently. Understanding the honda accord charge system explanation can help you comprehend the problem better.


We expect that you have already got your solution from the previous part of this blog. Still, here are some frequently asked questions that might cross your mind.

How Do You Manually Open The Trunk Of A Honda Accord?

Gently pull up the plastic cover on the left side of your trunk using the metal key from your key fob. There should be a keyhole under the lid. Now you can manually open the trunk of your Honda Accord using your key.

How Do You Force A Honda Accord Trunk To Open?

Most cars include a trunk-opening button or lever on the dashboard or front or rear seat area. To open the trunk, you must push the button or pull the lever from the front or rear seat, wherever it is located.

How Do You Use A Screwdriver To Open A Honda Accord Trunk?

To open a trunk with a screwdriver from the outside, push your way through the trunk’s lock with a flathead screwdriver. When that screwdriver is in position, you must move it to the left and right until the lock is successfully broken.

How To Break Into A Honda Accord Trunk Without Damage?

Sadly, there is no damage-proof breakthrough way to access your honda accord. Every method is going to damage your car to a certain extent. Contact a locksmith or dealership for the least damaging way to access your Honda Accord trunk.

How Much Does It Cost To Unlock A Honda Accord Trunk?

The locksmith charge for trunk lockout is around $50. So with the parts and labor cost added, it can go as high as $180 to $200. However, dealerships can cost you a bit more for better and more fluent service of your Honda Accord.


It’s never fun to lock yourself out of your car, but it occurs to most of us. This blog post should have suggested opening your trunk without a key outside the car. 

Because not all cars are made equal, you may need to test a few different methods until you discover one that fits your Honda Accord. You should rather be safe than sorry! 

So, always be careful when using keys, and try to keep a set of spare keys around you just in case. Following that won’t have to face this hassle in emergencies and waste your valuable time and money!

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