How To Fix Maintenance Required Light Honda Accord?

Have you found that the maintenance required light of your Honda Accord is illuminated all of a sudden? There is no need to panic if you notice this particular light. It is not harmful for the Honda Accord as it only indicates an oil change or a mileage reset. You can quickly get rid of the maintenance light.

In order to fix the maintenance required light, you will need to turn the ignition switch to ON position. After that, hold down the reset knob for 10 to 15 seconds for the light to reset and turn off.

We will let you know the reasons for the maintenance light coming on your Honda Accord precisely in this article. Moreover, you will get to know  how to fix maintenance required light honda accord with a step-by step detailed instruction guide.

How Does Honda Accord Maintenance Light Work?

A maintenance light in Honda Accord basically indicates two specific things. One of them is that it is high time the car has had an oil change. The other indication for this light is that the car crossed the perimeter of distance it is supposed to cover already.

If the car has crossed 6000 miles of driving distance, the maintenance light will light up. Depending on the driving habits or the road type, it can also turn on after 7500 miles. 

This light signifies the need for an entire vehicle maintenance checkup. To get an improved lifespan and perfect reliability of the car, this maintenance checkup is very essential. At the end of the maintenance, the light will be reset automatically.

The maintenance light does not turn on permanently at once. At first, the light flashes periodically for a few seconds indicating that you are close to the threshold mileage. 

Just when you reach the indicated mileage for your Honda Accord, the maintenance light appears permanently. The light will stay on as a reminder that you need to take the car for servicing in order to maintain its good health.

What Causes Honda Accord Maintenance Light To Come On And Stay On?

Honda Accord Maintenance Light is no serious threat to your car at all. This light mostly acts as a reminder for the owners to take the car for a long awaited maintenance checkup. 

If you are looking for the causations of the appearance of the maintenance light, you are just in luck.

There are only two reasons that lead the maintenance light to come on and stay on. The specific reasons are-

1. The Car Is Due For An Oil Change

If it has been a while since the last time you have changed the oil in your Honda Accord, it could be the sole reason. 

The light appears and reminds you that you need to change the oil soon for smooth driving. Usually, a filter change is also needed following the oil change. 

The maintenance light indicator also shows you the state of oil in your car. You can use the Honda Maintenance Minder System to check the oil levels and states. 

According to the situation, the Honda Accord might need several oil changing services. For instance, it can need engine oil change, oil filter change, fluid inspection and proper rotation of the tire.

2. The Car Has Passed The Threshold Mileage

Each vehicle has a specific threshold mileage after which it needs a routine checkup. This threshold mileage for the Honda Accord is usually 5000 miles. 

It can go upto 7500 miles too if the car is driven with care over smooth surface most of the times. Sometimes, using synthetic oil in the car increases the threshold voltage upto 10,000 to 15,000 miles as well.

Once the car reaches the threshold voltage, the maintenance light comes on. It is because at that point, the car badly needs a full maintenance checkup. 

The light acts as an indicator for the much needed checkup. It is to ensure that the car does not face any severe damage due to negligence.

How To Fix Maintenance Required Light Honda Accord?

Fixing a maintenance required light on Honda Accord is pretty easy. All you need to do is get an oil change first and foremost. After that, reset the light button properly to get rid of the maintenance light. 

However, there are two different ways of resetting the maintenance light based on the year and the model of the Honda Accord. 

Let’s take a look on how to fix the maintenance required light on Honda Accord for the different year’s models below:

Before 2000 Honda Accord models:

If your Honda Accord is from the 1990s, follow this procedure to reset the maintenance light:

  • On the left of the maintenance required light, find the key slot.
  • Insert the ignition key into the slot.
  • It will switch on the internal reset button.
  • Insert the ignition key to ignition next.
  • Start the engine to check if the light is gone.

2000-2005 Honda Accord Models

The Honda Accord produced at the years of 2000 to 2006 requires the following set of instructions to fix the illuminated maintenance light-

  • Switch the power mode of the Honda Accord to ON. 
  • On the steering wheel, find the arrow buttons.
  • Select “Vehicle Settings” from the screen.
  • Press the Reset button.
  • Next, use the arrow buttons to choose the Maintenance Minder Reset option.
  • Once again, press the Reset button.
  • From the next screen, choose “All Due Items”. This will reset all the items in the system altogether at once.
  • If you want to select and reset each item separately, select “Item # Only” option.
  • Afterwards, press the Reset buttons individually and it will reset each item one by one.
  • Once you are done clearing the codes, the maintenance required light will turn off. 

2006- Present Honda Accord Models:

If you own a comparatively recent model of Honda from between 2006 to until now, follow these instructions in order to fix the maintenance light-

  • Turn Ignition switch on and get it to the ON position.
  • On the right of the instrument panel, press the RESET button repeatedly. The engine oil life will be displayed when it works.
  • Press and hold down the RESET button for about 20 seconds. 
  • Do this until the maintenance codes start blinking.
  • Release the knob when the light blinks.
  • Press and hold down the RESET button again for 5 more seconds.
  • The oil life on the screen will reset back to 100 and the maintenance light will go out once you are done.

Can the Maintenance Required Light on a Honda Accord Indicate Different Problems?

The fixing honda accord maintenance required light is an essential indicator that alerts drivers about necessary vehicle servicing. While this light typically reminds owners to change the engine oil, it can also signal various other problems. These can include issues with the vehicle’s electrical system, tire pressure, brake fluid, or other vital components. Therefore, it is crucial to consult the vehicle manual or a professional mechanic to diagnose and address any problems indicated by the maintenance required light promptly.


You will find the answers to some of the most asked questions about the maintenance required light on Honda Accord. Hopefully, this section will clear up any remaining confusions that you might still have.

Can I Drive With Maintenance Required Light On A Honda Accord?

Yes, you can drive with maintenance required light on a honda accord. This light is only a reminder to take your car to the servicing and change up your oil. 
It does not affect the driving abilities of the Honda Accord in any way. So, you will be able to drive with maintenance required light perfectly safely. 

How Long Can You Drive A Honda Accord After Maintenance Required Light?

It is possible to drive a Honda Accord for a long time after the maintenance required light turns on. The light can stay illuminated upto a whole year. 
After that, it is mandatory to take the Honda Accord for maintenance. Therefore, you should check the maintenance required light every few months to ensure you don’t run out of time to fix it before this timeline.

How Far Can You Drive A Honda Accord After The Maintenance Light Comes On?

You can still drive quite a bit of distance after the maintenance required light shows up. The light comes on when the engine still has 15% oil on. So, with that amount of oil left, you can drive the Honda Accord for around another 1500 to 2000 miles.

Is The Honda Accord Maintenance Required Light The Same As Check Engine?

No, the honda accord maintenance required light is not the same as check engine light. The check engine light only lights up when there is something seriously wrong with the Honda Accord and its functions. 
You shouldn’t delay taking the car for a diagnosis as soon as the check Engine light comes on. On the other hand, maintenance required light only reminds you to get an oil change or a filter change.

Why Is My Honda Accord Maintenance Required Light On After Oil Change?

If you have already gotten an oil change but the maintenance required light is still turned on, you need to do one more thing. You have to manually reset the light to turn it off. 
Turn on the ignition switch and press the Reset button for 10-15 seconds for the light to reset and turn off after an oil change.


It is certain that the maintenance required light is not of serious threat to the car. However, if you ignore changing the oils for a long period of time, the engine oil loses its effectiveness. 

It might result in a shorter mileage and reduced engine performance. The overall lifespan of the Honda Accord might decrease a lot. So, by knowing how to fix maintenance required light Honda Accord, you will be saving yourself a lot of future struggles. 

The maintenance required light will calculate and let you know the proper oil changing time for you to keep up with the servicing. Change the oil and reset the light following the correct procedure to ensure a healthy lifespan of the Honda Accord.

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