How To Bypass The Ignition Switch Honda Accord?

We know you never want to be in a condition where you continuously try to turn on your car, but it refuses to start. Or, you want to turn the ignition key, but it is stuck inside the ignition switch. Here, you need to bypass the ignition switch badly.

How to bypass the ignition switch Honda Accord? To bypass the ignition switch, you must first remove the plastic cover under the steering wheel to locate the ignition switch. Then pull out the ignition switch and connect the wires using another striped wire. You should also attach a push button to the ignition switch as well. 

We want to take you through a more deep discussion about the Honda Accord ignition switch bypassing. So, what you should do here is read this article to the end.      

Can You Start a Car Without an Ignition Switch?

The ignition switch on your Honda Accord can become bad anytime for different reasons. But what if you need to drive your car urgently? No worries, you can start your vehicle without an ignition. In order to do so, you have two options. 

You can bypass the ignition switch or start your car with a jump start method. Bypassing the ignition switch is a common practice among car owners and is a better temporary solution.

In addition, you can only easily bypass the ignition switch on older cars or trucks manufactured before 2002. Newer vehicles or vehicles with no ignition key starting system are not suitable for ignition key bypassing. 

How to Bypass Ignition Switch Honda Accord?

You can bypass the ignition switch even if you know your car’s components and how they work. So, the task is not as difficult as a large group might think. But, then again, ensure you have a decent idea about the Honda Accord ignition system.

To make things a lot easier for you, we’ll share a step-by-step guide on bypassing the ignition system on your Honda Accord.

Step 1: Locate the Ignition Switch on Your Honda Accord

First, you need to locate the ignition system on your Honda Accord. You will find the ignition system in your car’s steering column. Once you know the location of the ignition switch on your Honda Accord, you need to remove the plastic cover and pull out the ignition switch.

Step 2: Check the Ignition Switch Using a Voltmeter

Now, you have to check the wires of the ignition switch. For this, take a volt-meter and set it to 12 volts. Next, you should ground the cables and check the voltage. If you don’t find any voltage reading, you can assume that the ignition switch on your Honda Accord has gone bad. 

Step 3: Take a stripped wire and connect the ignition switch’s wires

Here, you need to take a small piece of striped wire. You will find five wires connected to the ignition switch. One yellow wire, two white wires, one black-white wire, and one black-yellow wire. 

Now, separate the black-white and one black-yellow apart and wrap them with the striped wire. Make sure you stripe the two wires in the middle to connect them. 

Furthermore, ensure that you use that small piece of wire’s striped part to wrap the ignition switch’s two wires. 

Step 4: Connect the Small Piece of Striped Wire With One of the While Wire of the Ignition Switch

Once you connect the other part of the striped wire with one of the white wires, your Honda Accord will start. But you need a permanent solution here. For this, read the next following steps. 

Step 5: Install a Push Button

You should now install a push button with the ignition wires of your Honda Accord. This will allow you to turn on your car despite having an ignition switch failure issue. 

Here, you need to connect the two wires of the push button with the connection harness of the ignition switch wires. 

Step 6: Start Your Car

Now turn on the ignition key and press the push button to start your car. You’re all done. Place the push button in a convenient place so that you can easily access it.  

Is It Worth Bypassing the Ignition Switch Of the Honda Accord?

It is worth bypassing the ignition switch of the Honda Accord in some sense. You may run into problems with your car’s ignition system more often.

And problems with the ignition system mean you won’t be able to start your car. You can bypass the ignition switch on your Honda Accord to start your car badly. However, ultimately, this is an alternative solution.

But as a conscious car owner, you shouldn’t rely on bypassing the ignition switch to start your car. 

Instead, replacing the faulty ignition switch on your Honda Accord will be way better. It may cost you some money, but having a permanent solution is better.

However, bypassing the ignition switch, too, costs you some money if you want to hire a mechanic.

You can go with the ignition switch bypassing your Honda Accord in an emergency. Apart from this, go and replace the ignition switch.

What Are Common Ignition Switch Problems in a Honda Accord?

The honda accord ignition switch issues resolved revolve around common problems like a faulty switch causing intermittent starting or the car not starting at all. Another issue is a stuck or jammed ignition switch, which can prevent the key from turning or removing. These problems tend to occur due to wear and tear over time, necessitating professional repair or replacement of the ignition switch.


In this section, you’ll learn about a few most asked questions of the Honda Accord owners related to ignition switch bypassing. And you may want to know the answer to the following questions.

How Do You Start a Car with a Broken Ignition?

Fortunately, you can start your car with a broken ignition if you can bypass the ignition switch by connecting the ignition switch cord to the battery cord. And this is one of the prominent practices and solutions to solve any issue with the ignition switch.

What Color Wires Do You Use To Hotwire Ignition Switch A Car?

You need to use multiple wire colors to hotwire a car’s ignition switch.  You will find the battery wire thick red. Furthermore, the ignition wires that connect to the starter are usually brown or yellow.  
When bypassing the ignition switch on your car, ensure you know what wires are connected to what components.

Will A Bad Ignition Switch Cause A Crank No Start?

If there is any issue with the ignition switch on your car, it is more likely to cause a crank to no start. A bad ignition switch can’t send enough power to the starter motor and other connected parts. So, when you turn on the ignition key, your car cranks no start.

How Do I Know If I Need A New Ignition Switch?

Many symptoms can let you know you need a new ignition system. Among them, the most common is the most common: no noise from the engine, car starting failure, ignition key stuck inside the ignition system, rough engine stalling, issues removing the key, etc.

Do You Need A New Key When Replacing Ignition Switch?

There is no mandatory rule to replace the new key when replacing the ignition key. You can use the old key with the ignition system as well. But what you should make sure of is that you program the ignition keys.

Final Words

Now, you’ve got a solid idea of how to bypass the Honda Accord ignition switch. Bypassing ignition is one of the first things you should do when there is any problem with the ignition system. 

Due to this, you will start even if there is no ignition key. While bypassing the ignition switch, ensure you have a decent idea of the ignition switch’s wires. 

The process may take some time, and you should accept it. Follow the step-by-step guide carefully, and if you need to hire a mechanic, do so to avoid any uneven risk.

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