How Many Miles When The Gas Light Comes On Honda Accord?

Running a vehicle on empty won’t be safe and it can be very stressful. So, knowing how many miles when the gas light comes on the honda accord is crucial for every driver. 

Generally, the gas light comes on a honda accord when there is 10 to 15 percent of fuel left in the gas tank. According to the customer reviews and users manual, with this fuel, you have probably 40-81 miles to go when the gas warning light comes on your honda accord. 

But the actual figures will depend on various things. So, it’s worth knowing- how to calculate driving distance when the fuel warning light turns on the honda accord. To know more detail on these factors, let’s dive into the depth of the article.

How Many Miles Can I Go When Gas Light Comes on Honda Accord?

The gas light comes on the honda accord to remind you that the gas tank is almost out of fuel and you only have a few files to cover. It can be stressful to face but it’s more helpful as it alerts you that you will refill the tank to run the vehicle further. 

Usually, the gas light turns on a honda accord when it has 1.4-2.6 gallons of fuel left in the tank. As we mentioned earlier, it will let you drive the car between 40 miles and 81 miles on your way. 

But the actual fuel economy will depend on the model or year of your honda accord or your driving conditions and the weather. Here is a table in the following to show you the remaining miles when the fuel light comes on according to the making year of the honda accord. 

Model (year) Tank Size Remaining Gallons When the gas light comes onRemaining miles when the gas light turns on
2018-202214.8 gallons1.4-2.6 gallons 40-81 miles 
2013-201717.2 gallons1.7-2.5 gallons 48-93 miles 
2008-201218.5 gallons1.8-2.8 gallons 71-104 miles 
2007-older 17 gallons 1.7-2.5 gallons 45-91 miles 

As we discussed earlier, it’s difficult to give an actual figure on how far you can drive after the gas warning lights turn on a honda accord. Because there are multiple factors to consider about it. But on average you can cover between 40-45 miles on any model of honda accord. 

How to Calculate Driving Distance When the Gas Light Turns on Honda Accord?

The tank size and its capacity play a big role while calculating the driving distance after the gas light turns on a honda accord. So you must consider these factors while doing the math to calculate the remaining miles to go on. 

So, below are steps to follow to figure out how far you can go when the gas warning light comes on your honda accord:

Step 1: consider the percentage of the fuel left in the tank

Refill your honda accord fuel tank after the fuel warning light comes on. Subtract the amount of the fuel from its actual capacity. Do this procedure 2-3 times more.

Now calculate an average figure of all the readings to get a percentage of the fuel amount left in your honda accord fuel tank when the gas light comes on. On average this percentage will be between 10% and 15%. 

Step 2: calculate the amount of the remaining fuel 

Once you’ve got the percentage, multiply it by the fuel tank size of your honda accord. It will give you the remaining amount of gas left in the tank after the gas light turns on. 

For example, if your honda accord has a tank size of 14.8 gallons and it has a percentage of 10%-15%, the remaining fuel will be 1.4-2.6 gallons.

Step 3: Calculate the distance 

Now if you have all the necessary data, you can easily figure out the distance you can cover with a gas light coming on. To do so, multiply the fuel amount by the mpg rating of your honda accord. 

For example, if the remaining fuel amount of your honda accord is 1.4-2.6 gallons and it has a driving range of 28-31 mpg, the distance will be between 40-81 miles.

What Are the Symptoms When Your Honda Accord Runs Out of Gas?

The most common symptom of when a honda accord runs out of gas is an illuminated gas warning light on the dashboard. Some other potential symptoms will include:

  • The vehicle won’t start
  • Engine backfires regularly
  • Unusual noise from the engine
  • The engine starts stalling regularly
  • Faulty fuel filter 
  • Fuel delivery is intermittent

What Happens When Your Honda Accord Runs Out of Gas?

Your honda accord will probably stop running when the vehicle runs out of gas. Besides, it can damage entire parts of the vehicle and cause expensive repairs. 

Here are some of the most possible situations that may come when your honda accord runs out of gas.

The Fuel pump will damage 

The fuel pump in a honda accord is used to pump fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. When the fuel level is under the required level, it has to use more energy to pump the fuel from the bottom of the tank. 

But this will make the pump overheat. Thus, when the fuel pump is overheated, it will experience severe damage. If you often drive your honda accord on empty fuel, it will create corrosion in the pump and damage the fuel tank as well.

The Fuel filter can be clogged

As the name suggests, the fuel filter works by preventing debris and impurities from the gas while entering the engine. It is designed with some tiny nozzles to spray fuel into your vehicle’s engine.

So, when you drive your honda accord with a low fuel level, the impurities from the bottom of the tank start going through the fuel lines. This debris and bad stuff clog the small nozzles of the filter and block the fuel filter.   

The engine will stall

When the fuel in the fuel tank is empty, the vehicle will naturally shut down. Because the engine can’t run without gas. This is very risky to face as it can leave you stranded anywhere which may be unsafe for you.   

Engine can misfire 

If the fuel level is very low or empty, the fuel pump will start getting air into it. It will cause engine misfires. If this situation comes frequently, it can damage the engine permanently and cause significant loss. 

The brake and steer will become heavier 

When a honda accord runs out of gas, the hydraulic systems of the vehicle also shuts down. As a result, the brake and the steering of the vehicle start feeling much harder to push down and need more muscle power.  

Will a Honda Accord with a gas light on still start?

If you’re wondering whether a Honda Accord with a gas light on will still start, the answer is yes. Fixing honda accord starting issues caused by an empty fuel tank is simply a matter of refueling. Remember to always keep an eye on your gas levels to avoid unexpected breakdowns on the road.


By now we know how many miles you can cover when the gas light comes on the honda accord. Here are some more things you may need to get regarding low fuel levels. 

How much gas is left when the light comes on?

Usually, a gas warning light comes on a vehicle, when the fuel level gets below ¼ of the tanks. It will probably be 10-15 percent of the total fuel in the tank. 

Can You Drive Your Honda Accord After The Gas Light Comes On? 

Yes, you can drive your honda accord after the gas light comes on. Because it doesn’t mean that there is empty fuel in the tank. It means that you have a little amount of fuel in the bottom of the tank.  With this fuel, you can cover a bit more miles though it can damage the entire parts of the vehicle. 

What Is The Size Of A Honda Accord Gas Tank?

Basically, the size of a gas tank depends on its make and model. A 2022 honda accord has a fuel tank of 14.8 gallons. 

Can you ruin your engine if you run out of gas?

You will definitely ruin your engine when you run out of gas. The engine gets air into it when the fuel tank is empty. This will cause misfires and damage the entire engine badly. 

Which parts are most damaged when cars run out of fuel?

Generally, the entire mechanism of a car can be damaged when the car runs out of fuel. Among them, the most damaged parts will include the fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, engine, and brake. 


Now that you know how many miles when the gas light comes on, hopefully, this article will be helpful for you. We have also discussed how to calculate the distance you can cover with an illuminated fuel light. But don’t forget to take the necessary data from the user manual as it varies by each model. 

You should also avoid the habit of driving a honda accord with the gas light on. It will ruin the engine’s efficiency and performance. You can also go through some expensive repairs and replacements. 

But sometimes the gas warning light turns on if the fuel gauge is faulty. In this case, contact a professional to solve the problem. After all, fill up the tank regularly to increase its longevity. 

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