Honda Accord Trunk Release Problems and Troubleshooting

The most common reasons why the trunk does not open on a Honda Accord are that the car is in valet mode, the key fob is not working, the trunk latch is damaged, the switch pin is damaged, and the wires are worn out.

This article is about the causes and solutions of the Honda Accord trunk release problems. Completely read this article to find out the reason and solve your Accord’s trunk release problem.

What Causes the Honda Accord Trunk Release Problems?

There are several reasons that are responsible for Honda Accord Trunk Release problems. Some of the most common causes are given below:

  • Valet mode turned on
  • Non-responsive key fob
  • Defective trunk lock actuator
  • Defective switch pin
  • Worn out wires

How to Fix Honda Accord Idle Trunk Release Problems?

It can be inconvenient if the trunk of your Honda Accord suddenly fails, especially if you rely on it for everyday activities. Let’s see the causes and probable fix for this particular problem.

1. Turn off the Valet Mode:

Valet mode disables the alarm system and leaves only the remote panic button and remote door locks functional.

If the valet mode is on, the trunk will not open with the remote or the trunk release button.

Ensure that your Honda Accord is not in valet mode for the trunk release button or remote on your key fob to function.

2. Check the Key Fob:

A key fob is a small remote device that employs radio frequencies to interact with and control your vehicle. A defective key fob is responsible for not opening your Accord’s trunk.

Your key fob’s battery may be old or faulty. Because of this, your trunk release may stop working with the remote.

Although this is an exceedingly rare occurrence, particularly for older vehicles, failure of this feature on current models may prevent you from accessing the trunk, particularly if there is no key slot to release the trunk.

To fix the issue of unlocking your trunk with your key fob, you should check its battery. Ensure that it is functioning correctly. If the issue still persists, it may be due to a different factor.

3. Check for Worn Out Wires:

Another reason for the trunk not releasing with your trunk release button or the key fob is the worn-out wires.

The wires of your trunk latch may get worn in the wire loom. A worn-out wire surely not transmitting the signal to the actuator and thus it will not work, as simple as that.

The Fix:

To verify the problem with the wires, check the three wires connected to the wire harness.

You can verify the switch wire by turning on the trunk light because the switch wire is tied to the trunk light. If the trunk light does work, that means out of the three wires the problem might be either in the actuator wire or in the ground wire.

Now, to verify the other two wires, check the continuity between the remaining wires and the grounding point of those wires. If there is no continuity, there must be a break in the wire somewhere in the wire loom. Find out the position and connect the broken wires together. This will solve your problem.

4. Check the Trunk Lock Actuator and Switch Pin:

The electronic motor responsible for opening and closing the trunk is called an actuator, and it can be activated either by pressing the trunk release button or by using the key fob.

The most common trunk release problem is caused because of a defective trunk lock actuator.

Verify that the trunk lock actuator is functioning properly. To do so, follow the instructions below:

  • First, open the trunk with the lever inside your Honda Accord.
  • Disconnect the connector for the trunk lock actuator.
  • Remove the wire harness by pulling out the little gray tab at the bottom.
  • You will find three pins. Among them, the most right-side pin is the actuator pin.
  • Provide power by using a 12-volt battery and notice if the actuator goes on and off or not. If it does so, the actuator is fine.

Another reason for the trunk not releasing is the defective switch pin of the actuator.

Sometimes, the actuator pin works well but the switch pin is defective and therefore, the trunk does not release.

To verify the problem with the switch pin, probe the middle one (ground pin) and then the right one (actuator pin). Then, check the continuity between these two pins by using a multimeter.

If they do have continuity that means no problem with the switch pin as well. But if there is no continuity, you might need to replace the switch pin. This will fix the problem.

How do Most of the Owners Feel About it?

Many Honda Accord owners of different generations have been frustrated by their cars’ trunk release problems.

According to a user of a 2007 Honda Accord, the button on the trunk lid no longer opens it, but it can be opened with the key fob and a trunk release button or lever inside the car.

According to another Honda Accord user, The trunk can no longer be opened by pressing the key fob or using the trunk release button or lever located inside the vehicle. He had to get down into the trunk to figure out what was wrong, and he discovered that the screws that normally hold the trunk lid to the release mechanism were broken.

The same issue has been reported by a large number of Honda Accord owners for the many reasons I explained above. However, eventually, it was simple to resolve.

Can Trunk Release Problems Affect the Functioning of the ABS Pump in a Honda Accord?

If you’re facing troubleshooting honda accord abs pump problems, it’s crucial to understand if trunk release issues can affect its functioning. While these two systems may seem unrelated, they are generally independent of each other. Trunk release problems are unlikely to directly impact the ABS pump in a Honda Accord, allowing you to focus solely on resolving the specific issue at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cost of replacing the trunk lock actuator?

On average, it costs between $263 and $284 to replace the actuator for the trunk lock. The cost of labor is expected to be between $52 and $66 and the cost of parts to be between $211 and $219.

How do you open the trunk of a Honda Accord if neither the trunk release button nor the key fob works?

There is a trunk release button located within the vehicle that may be used to manually open the trunk. You can open the trunk of a Honda Accord by using this trunk release button if neither the trunk release button nor the key fob works.

How much does it cost to get a new key fob for a Honda Accord?

It will cost you close to $300 if you need to replace a key fob.

How much would it cost you to replace and install the cable in the Honda Accord’s trunk?

A new cable for the trunk release costs between $140 and $175 and takes no more than an hour to install.

Final Thoughts

The issue you are having with the trunk release of your vehicle might not end up costing you a lot of money or any other important components, but it will certainly be a very frustrating experience for you. After reading this article about the Honda Accord trunk release problems you can find out the cause of your car’s trunk release problem and easily solve the problem. If you continue to have problems, it is probably best to consult a technician.

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