Honda Accord Says Steering Required – What Does It Mean?

With the rise of technologies, cars are coming up with advanced features to help the driver on the go. One of these advanced assist features is LKAS, which is responsible for steering required warning on the Honda Accord.

When the honda says steering is required, it means the LKAS cannot sense any movement in the steering wheel. It happens while traveling on straight roads where you don’t touch the steering wheel for a certain time. The warning can also appear if you don’t have control of the steering.

Although this warning saves you from trouble, it can be bothersome in some situations. In this article, we will let you know how to reset this warning and some hacks to get rid of it.

Why Does The Honda Accord Say Steering Is Required?

If you see a Honda Accord saying steering is required warning popping up on your dash, it means that the car cannot detect any input on the steering wheel. It can be caused if you don’t touch the steering wheel for a while driving.

The steering system of your car consists of two systems- LKAS and ACC. While the LKAS keeps you in the correct lane, acc helps you to control the speed. These two are combinedly called Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS).

You have the flexibility of turning these options on and off. When LKAS is on and it doesn’t receive a signal of steering wheel motion for a certain time, the steering required warning comes on.

It happens especially during auto-driving mode or while you are driving on a straight road. 

What Causes Steering Required Warning On Honda Accord?

The main reason for steering required warning is the activation of the LKAS system. To understand better, first get to know about the LKAS and ACC.

Lane Keeping Assist System, LKAS is a built-in system that helps drivers. The LKAS system makes sure that you are driving in the middle of the lane. 

If it detects that you are sliding off to the side of the lane, it gently turns the steering wheel to keep you in the middle.

The LKAS feature is extremely helpful while driving on narrow roads. This advanced technology uses a camera placed on the windshield to detect lane markers. 

When it finds a lane marker, it uses it as a guide to turn, steer, and move the car back to the middle of the lane.

Although it is an effective feature, it cannot work if it doesn’t detect lane marks properly. So, make sure to have a steering wheel at your control.

On the other hand, Adaptive Cruise Control, ACC, saves your car from a possible collision with another car. It uses a radar to measure the distance from another vehicle and gives the driver a warning.

However, the main reason the steering wheel required a warning is a misinterpretation by the LKAS system. Other causes can be:

  • Not touching the steering for long
  • Driving on a straight road with very slight movement
  • Being inattentive during driving

How To Fix Steering Required Warning On Honda Accord?

The fixing of the steering required warning on the Honda Accord is easy. As the problem is with LKAS not sensing steering wheel motion, you need to ensure it does receive a signal. 

For that, you need to just wriggle the steering wheel a bit at regular intervals.

But the problem gets annoying when you get this warning after each minute. The solution is to turn off the LKAS system permanently on your Honda Accord. To do this,

  • Hold the main button of your steering wheel until the LKAS appears on the multi-purpose display
  • Select the LKS option
  • Some lane outlines (dotted or solid lines) will appear on the display
  • Now press the LKS or main button again to deactivate the LKS feature

As the LKS system has been turned off, it will no longer receive any input from the steering wheel. So, no more steering required warning will appear.

How To Avoid Getting Steering Required Warning On Honda Accord?

While deactivating the LKS stop steering required a warning, you may not want to deactivate it fully due to your safety. In this case, following some tricks should save you from the trouble of seeing warning messages constantly.

You can hang something from your steering wheel while driving on a straight road. It can be a water bottle or something lighter like this. 

When you do so, the LKS will receive enough signal from your steering and will not send a warning to keep you on track.

What Type of Power Steering Fluid Should I Use if my Honda Accord Says “Steering Required”?

When your Honda Accord displays the Steering Required message, it is crucial to use the correct power steering fluid. The recommended honda accord power steering fluid type for your vehicle is specified in the owner’s manual. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines ensures optimal performance and maintains your car’s steering system’s integrity. Be diligent in selecting and using the appropriate power steering fluid to ensure safe and smooth steering operations.


The Honda Accord says steering required notification is a headache for users. A lot of safety questions occur in mind when dealing with it. Below we answered some of the common questions to put you at ease.

How Does LKAS Sense Touch On The Honda Accord Steering Wheel?

There is a capacitive sensor that detects the driver’s touch on the steering by monitoring the change in capacitance. The hand absorbs electrical charge when it touches the steering body. As a result, the capacitance changes which signals the LKS about movement.

How To Turn On LKAS In A Honda Accord?

To turn on the LKS:
Push the main button which is located on the right side of your steering wheel
Select the LKS option
You will see lane outlines on the display which means the system has been activated

Why Is The Lane Assistant System Not Working On My Honda Accord?

Placing any object over the sensor can cause it to malfunction. Foggy or windy weather and rainfall can hinder the sensor from seeing roads and identifying lane marks. So, the system doesn’t work properly.

Is There Any Problem If I Keep The Honda Accord LKS Feature Off?

There is no harm in keeping the LKS system off. But it is a feature that helps you to have full control of your steering and warns you when you are inattentive. So, manufacturers recommend keeping this feature on for your benefit.


The steering wheel required warning is a troublesome necessity. Although it is troublesome, the feature is important in some cases.

A lot of road accidents occur due to the inattentiveness of the driver. When the driver is busy with other work, asleep, or drugged, he is prone to let go of steering control. The LKS system comes in help at these times. It alerts the driver about the position of the vehicle on the road and warns him to get control of the steering.

The LKS is not an automated driving feature, rather it’s an assistant feature that helps you with automated information about the state of the road to make driving easier for you.

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