7 Common Reasons For Honda Accord Radio Not Working Correctly!

Honda Accord users might see typical radio performance issues such as the radio speaker not working (low quality/no sound), fuse keeps blowing, the radio often shuts off, the radio screen/display not working, its backlight not responding, buttons/button lights not working, or user struggles or cannot turn the radio On/Off like usual.

Continue reading this following article to learn more about these common errors of the Honda Accord radio, what causes these troubles to occur, and how to troubleshoot the Honda Accord radio.

Honda Accord Radio Not Working Correctly

At a Glance Check Out the Problems and Reasons Behind them:

Radio speaker not workingBlown fuse, grounded speaker, or any issues with the internal battery to restrict the radio power supply.
Radio fuse keeps blowingAny wiring issues or too much power drawing by the radio.
Radio screen/display not workingShorted/blown radio fuse, malfunctioned circuit board, or lack of radio power supply. Any issues with the internal wiring.
Radio backlight not respondingMalfunctioned or failed printed circuit boards (PCB).
Buttons/button lights not workingRadio head unit has a wiring issue, or radio might require a reset. Turn down/off dimmer switch, or an internal blown fuse.
Radio often shuts offWiring issue between the internal battery, alternator, and fuse/radio might need a cleanup.
Radio will not turn on or off like usualLoosened fuse panel knobs, or blown/broken fuse. Worn-out ignition cylinder, defective ignition key, misaligned/damaged ignition switch, or inappropriate radio head unit wiring.

7 Most Common Honda Accord Radio Issues:

Learn more about the common Accord radio errors that one might encounter and what are the possible reasons behind those common problems-

1. Radio Speaker Not Working:

Another obvious sign of Honda Accord radio failure is when you notice that your vehicle radio speakers are not working properly or there is no sound coming from the speaker while the radio is still on.

This problem mostly arises due to either a blown fuse or an internal battery connection error that restricts the power supply for the radio and causes the radio speaker to not working failure.

It might also occur due to a grounded speaker where if one is grounded, it can cause both speakers to function accordingly or stop working.

2. Radio Fuse Keeps Blowing:

Another common scenario is when Honda Accord users notice a blown radio fuse on their vehicle and restrict the radio to work accordingly.

The internal radio fuse can blow up due to wiring issues like loose, worn-out/broken wiring or if there is a short in the internal wiring connection.

The internal fuse will blow up if the radio draws excess power than your vehicle’s capacity to handle.

But you can only confirm the actual culprit once you have diagnosed the radio assembly both in and out thoroughly.

3. Radio Screen/Display Not Working:

Sometimes you might see a situation where the radio screen or display of your Honda Accord suddenly turns blank or the display gets stuck in between and not responding.

This commotion can arise due to shorted/blown internal fuse, malfunctioned circuit board, or lack of internal power supply to the vehicle radio.

Note: The Manufacturer has recalled some of their vehicle models, including the 2018-2020 Honda Accord due to a software update problem with those models’ Body Control Modules.

Thus, if your Accord model falls under this list of recalled models, you will encounter the circuit board failure issue, and the replacement will be provided by authorized dealerships free of cost.

Also, faulty, or damaged internal wiring connections can cause the lack of power supply issue.

4. Radio Backlight Not Responding:

Often Honda Accord users notice one common scenario where the radio backlight stops working or responding.

Especially for the 2003–2007 Honda Accord model users, it is a common issue due to those models’ Printed Circuit boards (PCB) failure or malfunctioning.

Honda Authority even acknowledged this error and recommended replacing the PCB.

This replacement will cost around $300.

5. Radio Buttons/Button Lights Not Working:

You might notice that sometimes the radio buttons on your Honda Accord radio have stopped working.

Or you might encounter that the radio button lights are not flashing as they are supposed to, and such a commotion can arise due to a couple of reasons.

The radio button might stop working due to a wiring issue in the radio head unit, or your radio might require a reset which instructions might be in your vehicle’s user manual.

The button lights mostly stop illuminating due to the Dimmer Switch being turned off, an internal blown fuse, or when your vehicle radio has completely failed and needs a replacement.

6. Radio Frequently Shuts Off:

Users might also see a situation where the vehicle radio keeps shutting off.

This problem arises when there is a wiring issue between the internal battery, alternator, and fuse.

It can also occur if your radio grounds are filled with excess dirt and your radio needs a thorough clean up.

7. Radio Will Not Turn on or Off Like Usual:

Often users experience situations where their Honda Accord vehicle’s radio either does not turn On or Off even after several tries.

These are typical signs of radio failure.

However, if you are having a tough time turning the radio on, it can occur due to loosened fuse panel knobs, or blown or broken fuse under the fuse panel.

Similarly, if your Honda Accord radio does not turn off, it most probably occurs due to a worn-out ignition cylinder, defective ignition key, misaligned/damaged ignition switch, or inappropriate wiring in the radio’s head unit.

Note: In some Honda Accord models, the manufacturer has set up a built-in feature where the radio is supposed to stay on for a certain period once you shut off the vehicle (10 to 15 minutes duration max.).

Can the issues causing the Honda Accord radio to not work also affect the heater?

The reasons for honda accord heater malfunction can differ from those causing the radio to not work. While both issues may stem from electrical problems, they are separate components in the car. It is possible for the radio to malfunction while the heater operates normally, and vice versa.

4 Easy Steps to Troubleshoot a Honda Accord Radio:

Remember, if you go through several consumer forums and YouTube videos, you will find several methods of fixing your Honda Accord radio, but not all of them are reliable techniques, and some might worsen the condition.

Thus, I have enlisted an easy-to-do 4 step troubleshooting technique-

Step 1- Locate the Radio Fuse Panel & Remove the Cover:

First, locate and open the fuse panel underneath the steering column of your Honda Accord.

Next, you need to turn the fuse panel cover knobs counterclockwise.

Then pull the fuse panel cover down to take it off.

Step 2- Inspect & Replace the Radio Fuse:

Now check your vehicle’s user manual and find the fuse diagram to locate the internal fuse.

Then, pull the fuse off and check it.

Inspect whether the fuse is already blown or has a broken metal strip.

If the fuse looks bad, replace the radio fuse with a new one but confirm that the new one has the same amperage.

Step 3- Reset the Radio with Code:

Now click the radio power button on and check whether the “CODE” flashes on your radio screen or display.

If it does, enter the specific radio code provided by your dealer.

If you do not have the reset code, just contact your dealer, and provide your radio’s serial number to get the Reset Code.

If the radio still not turning on, you need to replace the radio.

Step 4- Inspect the Radio Antenna Cable/Speaker Wires & Replace the Wiring:

Turn on your vehicle radio and observe whether you can hear a slight humming sound as feedback.

If yes, then check whether the antenna cable or the speaker wires are weakly insulated or not.

If that is the case, you must change the internal wiring of your radio assembly.


Make sure that you have the minimum technical expertise and always read your vehicle’s instructions manual before performing this troubleshooting task.

Ending Notes

These earlier explained common scenarios mostly occur when the vehicle has been in use for a prolonged time, and the internal OEM parts have started to deteriorate.

That is when you will encounter several errors with your Honda Accord radio.

Fortunately, all those common problems are fixable, and I already shared a DIY method of troubleshooting your faulty Accord radio.

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