How To Fix the Locked Wheel of a Honda Accord?

Even experienced drivers fail to fix the locked steering wheels on their vehicles because the feature is kept subtly hidden. Therefore, as a beginner, you might want to know how to fix locked wheel Honda Accord, suddenly finding it stuck in a position.

Keeping the wheel turned in the last rotating direction and igniting the engine gets the honda accord locked wheel unlocked very easily. But this technique cannot be applied to all the models of the Honda Accord as many of the newer generations have keyless ignition systems.

For detailed information on how to unlock the wheels on any Honda Accord, explore this article through to the very end.

Why do wheels get locked on Honda Accord?

The steering wheel locking mechanism is not a new feature for four-wheelers. Even all automobile companies, including Honda, add this feature to their car’s wheel assembly.

Although it is a specific feature of the steering wheels, sometimes the wheel gets locked while you are driving. Such a situation can be catastrophic and not belong to the actual wheel lock feature.

Such incidents happen when the system in the steering rack and column or suspension fails due to physical impacts.

Anti Theft Feature

Primarily, the steering wheel locking mechanism is an anti-theft feature for Honda Accords. Usually, thieves damage the door lock and try to tow the vehicle using the steering wheels.

Hence, to stop this attempt the steering wheel gets stuck in a position if it is tried to rotate in a direction. The wheel cannot be turned; therefore, the car cannot be moved in any direction by towing or pushing.

Moreover, even if a thief hot-wires the engine to get it started, they cannot drive away the car due to the locked steering wheel. The steering wheel can only be unlocked by ignition through the key.

Along with these, the engine cannot be cranked using the key or push button unless you unlock the wheel.

Secondary Safety Feature For Keeping Vehicle Stable

Generally, every Honda Accord has an e-brakes and parking brake system to keep it stable. But the steering wheel locking mechanism provides additional safety when you park the car on a very inclined surface.

Considering the e-brake and parking gear fail for some reason. And if you have activated the wheel lock by rotating it in a certain direction, it prevents the car from rolling back and forth on the road.

How To Fix The Locked Wheel of a Honda Accord?

Now we know why Honda has put a steering wheel lock in the Accords, and you might accidentally activate it without knowing about it.

Since it is not a damage or system failure, there is a proper way to unlock it. Knowing the tricks, you can release your Honda Accord’s wheel easily.

Unlocking Wheel In Honda Accord With Key

Before knowing how to unlock the wheel, it is important to understand how to lock it. To lock them, all you need to do is turn off the engine and remove the key. Afterward, rotate the steering to any diction quarterly.

It automatically gets stuck in that position and cannot be rotated back and forth. In such circumstances, you can neither ignite the engine nor unlock the wheel separately.

To unlock it, you must place the key in the keyhole. Depress the brake and rotate the wheel in the direction in which it got locked beforehand.

Now, simultaneously turn the key to ignition, and the wheel will get released. It would help if you remembered in which direction the wheel got locked. Otherwise, it may take time and several trials before unlocking the wheel.

Releasing Locked Wheel In Keyless Honda Accord

The new generation Honda Accords comes with a keyless ignition system. You cannot use the previous method in such cars. But the trick to unlock the wheel is easier in keyless entry systems.

Depress the brake pedal all the way in and push the engine ignition button to start the engine. The wheel shall automatically get unlocked without touching or putting pressure in any direction.

Unlocking The Steering Wheel Without Igniting Engine

In many cases, the engine of your Honda Accord may face troubles and not crank. Now you might get into trouble locking the wheel accidentally. Thus you cannot tow your car or move it by any means.

For Honda Accords with a key system, you must activate the vehicle’s electrical accessories by turning the key once for Honda Accords with a key system. Afterward, without pressing the brake pedal, try cranking the engine and tuning the wheel to the left and right until it gets unlocked.

Similarly, in Honda Accord with a keyless entry system, you can activate the electrical accessories by pressing the push button one time. Ensure you are depressing the brake pedal while doing this.

Once the radio and dash accessories are turned on, press the push button to light up the instrument panel. At this moment, the wheel gets released automatically, and you can rotate it in any direction without getting locked again.

How to avoid wheel lock on Honda Accord?

It is often better to lock the wheel on your Honda Accord to avoid thievery and keep the vehicle stable on a surface. But people lock the wheels accidentally without even knowing about it.

Therefore, while getting out of the car, you should not put pressure on the wheels; rather, use the side rail for weight shifting.  Do not allow children to play with the wheel and lock it mistakenly.

You can keep the engine, electrical accessories, and instrumental panel on. It will not activate the steering wheel locking mechanism no matter how much you rotate it.

Can the same method be used to unlock the trunk of a Honda Accord?

When locked keys in Honda Accord trunk, retrieving them requires a method specific to the vehicle. The process of how to retrieve locked keys in honda accord trunk may involve using a spare key or calling a professional locksmith to open the trunk without causing damage. Ensuring the right approach is taken is crucial to accessing the trunk efficiently.


To know more about the wheel locking, and unlocking mechanism, go through the following questionnaires from the Honda Accord user community.

How do you fix a locked steering wheel on a Honda Accord?

Enter the key and depress the brake pedal of the vehicle first. Afterward, turn the key simultaneously, turning the wheel in the direction in which it got locked previously. For the keyless Honda Accord, press the brake pedal and turn over the engine to unlock the steering wheel conveniently.

How much does it cost to fix power steering?

A whole power steering system replacement might cost between $500 and $650. Changing the hoses, which costs $60 to $150, is part of fixing the power steering. In addition, repairing a power steering pump leak may run you $200 to $220, and fixing a  line leak could cost you $60 to $150.

Can steering wheel locks be broken?

It is very rare, but the steering wheel locks can get damaged over time or rough driving. This can cause some major accidents as the steering wheel gets locked while driving on a freeway at high speed. As a result, the driver shall lose control of the vehicle.

What should you not do to lock the wheels on a Honda Accord?

Do not turn the wheels unnecessarily while the engine is switched off. Besides, avoiding relying on wheels while out of the cabin helps in not locking the wheel. Turning the key over to keep the electrical accessories actuated avoids the wheel from getting locked accidentally.


The steering wheel locking mechanism in Honda Accord is included for the car’s safety. But very few people know about it, and it makes them upset and confused if the wheel gets locked by mistake.

That is why knowing the correct procedure for locking and unlocking the steering wheel keeps you calm. Moreover, you can knowingly use the feature to keep your car safe from thievery.

We hope you find this article informative and instructive to help unlock your Honda Accord easily. You can also use the knowledge while parking your car in an unknown area and keeping it safe.

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