Honda Accord Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost and Installation Guide

Hybrid cars are the new norm. They save fuel and work on both electricity and fuel, saving you money. One of the most popular hybrid cars out there is the Honda Accord. The main powerhouse of any Hybrid car is its battery, so when the battery dies, it can cause serious trouble.

Based on the car model, the replacement cost for the Honda Accord hybrid battery might range from $2000 to $14000. If you employ a mechanic or bring it to a repair facility, you will also need to pay for the labor, which is anticipated to cost between $352 and $444.

Thus, if you are looking for the Honda Accord Hybrid battery replacement cost and installation guide, our guide is just for you. Keep on reading to know more.

How Much Does The Honda Accord Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost?

The replacement cost of the hybrid battery of the Honda Accord depends on many things, like the model and year of your car and the fact that you will do the replacement yourself or hire a mechanic.

Newer ModelsOlder ModelsLabor cost

For older models

If you are looking for hybrid battery replacement for older models of the Honda Accord, the replacement battery can be anywhere from $1500-$8000.

For Newer Models

The newer models of Honda Accord Hybrid batteries are more expensive than the older ones and cost anywhere from $8000 to $14000.

Labor Cost

If you do the replacement process yourself, you can save some money on labor. But, if you can’t do it yourself, then the cost can be between $300-$450.

When Should You Replace The Hybrid Battery Of A Honda Accord?

Honda Accord hybrid batteries are quite reliable, but they can get damaged too, and when it happens, you will need to replace them. The replacement cost is expensive, and hence you must know when to do the replacement.

The two most typical signals that indicate your Honda Accord battery needs to be replaced are- if your car starts slowly after you turn it on or if your battery connections and connections exhibit severe rust. There can be a few other indicators, too, which we will discuss below.

Clicking Noise

Weak batteries are the primary culprit of the clicking sounds. When you are trying to start the car, if you hear a clicking sound from the crankcase, it means the battery has enough juice to turn on the solenoid but not the starting. You should thus replace the battery.

Dashboard lights flickering issue

When you attempt to start the vehicle, the Accord’s dashboard lights may flicker or you may hear a loud clicking sound.

If there is not enough energy in the battery to operate the starting motor when you try to crank the engine the battery voltage will drop. As a result, it cannot adequately operate the headlights, accessories, and the start.

Low fuel efficiency

Honda hybrid vehicles’ electric batteries and gasoline engines work together to operate efficiently.

Your battery may be deteriorating and using more gasoline if you discover that you’re not getting as far on a tank of petrol as you once did.

How To Replace A Honda Accord Hybrid Battery?

The easier option is to always go to a service center to replace a Honda Accord hybrid battery if you have money to spare.

But changing the battery yourself is fairly easy and can save a few bucks. Thus, just follow the steps below to know how you can do it properly.

Step 1: Get a new battery

Before you begin the replacement process, get a new electric battery for your Honda Accord hybrid. Make sure that the battery is specific to your car’s model, as different models have different battery specifications. Check the specifications well before buying the battery.

Step 2: Locate the battery

Knowing the precise position of the battery is crucial since we want to replace the electric hybrid battery. It is safely tucked up beneath the rear seat.

Therefore, in order to have greater access to the back seats in your Honda Accord, slide the front seat forward.

Step 3: Engage the high-volt disconnect breaker

Now you will need to remove the back seat. First, remove the seat bottom and re-bolt the seat belts to remove the back side.

Once the seat is fully removed, you will see a steel plate secured with numerous bolts and nuts.

Slowly remove the two bolts securing the high-voltage disconnect breaker. Once you have access to this, simply switch it to the on position.

Step 4: Remove the battery

The battery cover is secured in position with T30 bolts, removing all the t30 bolts properly. Before you remove this housing, make sure to wear high-voltage gloves to avoid any electric shocks.

After removing the battery cover, remove the bolts holding the battery power cables in position. You will now see a computer harness on the side of the battery; disconnect that also.

Open the car’s trunk, go to the backside, and remove all the covering to see the steel plate holding the battery. You will see two 12 mm nuts below the rubber recess; remove them too.

Go to the front side again and remove the other four nuts which hold the battery, and you should see the battery coming loose. Slowly pull the battery out.

Step 5: Replace the battery

Simply insert the new battery in position and secure it using the same four nuts and reconnect the computer harness and power cables. Make sure to connect everything in the same way as you have disconnected the battery.

Once the battery installation is complete, check every connection and start your engine. The battery should be working fine.

Difficulties You May Face When Replacing The Honda Accord hybrid battery on your own

Replacing the Honda Accord hybrid battery is a fairly easy process, but if you do not follow the proper steps, you can face some difficulties you must know about.

Damaged Internals

The number one problem you can face is damaging the internal components of your car. Replacing the hybrid battery requires the use of many different bolts and nut openers.

If you try to get this work done with some different tool, then there is a high chance of damaging the small nuts, bolts, and even the locks.

Getting Electric Shocks

Getting electric shocks from a battery is pretty common. So, if you do not turn on the high-volt disconnect breaker, then electric shock can harm you as well as damage the battery connections.

Improper connections

While replacing the old battery with the new one and you misplaced or improperly connected the power cable. For instance, you input the positive cable into the negative terminal and vice versa, and the whole circuit can blow up.

This will short-circuit the whole circuit causing serious damages costing you thousands of dollars, much more than the battery replacement cost.

Things To Consider When Replacing Honda Accord hybrid battery

If you have decided to replace your Honda Accord hybrid battery by yourself, follow these steps below. These steps will help you make the procedure much smoother.

  • Always wear high-discharging gloves while removing the old battery
  • Make sure to have the proper tools in hand for the whole process
  • Do battery maintenance on a regular basis to increase longevity
  • Try to get a good battery of the same rating; avoid opting for fake ones.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

By now you already know how to replace the Honda Accord Hybrid battery but you might still have some confusion. Thus, to clear this confusion our faqs below will be helpful for you.

How long does a hybrid battery last in a Honda Accord?

The battery in your Honda hybrid is expected to last 6 to 10 years or up to 100,000 miles. But if they’re not entirely mistreated or ignored, the most recent models may even travel at least 200,000 miles.

Is it hard to replace a hybrid battery on a Honda Accord?

Yes, you can easily replace the hybrid battery on a Honda Accord by yourself. But, to replace the battery yourself, you must know the proper steps of doing it. Also, you must have the proper tools for the task.

How long does it take a mechanic to replace a Honda Accord hybrid battery?

Depending on how crowded the car service center or the mechanic is at the time, it might take longer or shorter to change a Honda Accord hybrid battery. The work may usually be finished in 30 to 40 minutes.

What causes a bad Honda Accord hybrid battery?

Your Honda Accord’s alternator or starter may be broken if the battery continually goes dead. Additionally, something else could be draining the battery when the car is idle. In addition, the battery could have charging issues when driving.

Is it worth replacing the Honda Accord hybrid battery?

It is worthwhile to replace the hybrid battery in the Honda Accord. Although Honda hybrid battery changes can be fairly pricey, you can rest easy knowing that this vital part of your car is protected for years to come thanks to the solid 8-10 year or 100000-200000 mile guarantee on your batteries.


The Honda Accord hybrid battery is quite reliable and can last very long. But, once they get damaged, the replacement can be quite expensive. However, you can still save money if you do the replacement yourself, which we have discussed in this guide so far.

Even though these hybrid batteries have a lifeline of 100000-20000 miles but without proper maintenance, the battery will go dead a long before. So, it is always better to do regular maintenance rather than spend thousands of dollars on the replacement.

Make sure to always wear proper safety equipment like high-discharge gloves and goggles while working with batteries.

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