6 Common Reasons For Honda Accord Heater Not Working Correctly

Generally, heaters are designed and installed in auto vehicles to ensure a warm and comfortable atmosphere inside the car.

Honda Accord users might see typical Heater performance issues such as the Heater won’t turn on/off, Heater sometimes turns on but won’t turn off, the Seat heater not working properly, the heater control system not working, blowing cold air, etc.

At a Glance Honda Accord Heater Problems and Reasons Behind them:

1. Heater won’t turn on/offDue to too low coolant level in the engine coolant system or a faulty/broken relay.
2. Heater turns on but does not turn offFailed heater blower motor, bad thermostat, or any issue with the relay.
3. Seat heater not workingFaulty seat heater element, defective switches, corroded electrical wiring connections, or a blown internal fuse.
4. Heater control system not workingDue to malfunctioned Pilot blower motor resistor, a blown internal fuse or if the control module’s wiring or harness require soldering,
5. Accord Not blowing sufficient hot airBroken blower motor, malfunctioned thermostat, or faulty heater blower resistor
6. Blowing cold airA broken thermostat, fault in the heater core, low coolant level, or water leaking.

6 Most Common Honda Accord Heater Issues:

Check out the common problems that one might witness with their Honda Accord Heater and what are the possible reasons behind those common errors-

1. Heater Won’t Turn On/Off:

Honda Accord users might encounter a situation where the Heater won’t or fails to work and notice that their vehicle heater won’t turn on or off like usual.

It can be an early sign of Honda Accord heater failure and require immediate action where you might have to service or replace some internal components related to the heater assembly.

Your Accord heater might fail to turn on or off due to too low coolant level in the engine coolant system or a faulty/broken relay.

2. Heater Turns On But Does Not Turn Off:

Often Honda Accord users notice another common scenario where the Accord heater turns on but does not turn off or runs overtime.

Here the heater turning-off failure problem can cause due to broken/failed heater blower motor, bad/malfunctioning thermostat, or any issue with the relay.

Mostly, the heater tends to keep running overtime due to any issue with the thermostat, like the broken/worn out wiring or broken/damaged sensor.

3. Seat Heater Not Working properly:

Sometimes Honda Accord users might notice a situation where the vehicle seat heater does not function properly or stop functioning.

The most common reason behind seat heater failure is the faulty seat heater element that fails to convert electricity into heat.

The Accord seat heater might fail due to faulty/defective switches, corroded electrical wiring connections, or a blown internal fuse.

4. Heater Control System Not Working:

Another typical issue that can arise with Honda Accord vehicle models is when the heater control fails or does not work as it is supposed to.

As a result, Accord users will notice either too little or excess heat pumped inside the vehicle and making the vehicle’s internal atmosphere too uncomfortable.

The heater control mostly fails when the control module’s wiring & the harness require re-soldering.

It might also fail due to a failing pilot blower motor resistor or blown internal fuse.

5. Accord Not Blowing Sufficient Hot Air:

A Honda Accord user might encounter a situation where the vehicle’s internal heater is no longer blowing hot air, or the level of blowing hot air is not sufficient enough to warm up the atmosphere.

This commotion can arise due to several reasons, such as a faulty/broken blower motor, bad thermostat, or malfunctioning heater blower resistor.

6. Blowing Cold Air:

Another typical situation is when you will witness your Accord heater blowing cold air instead of blowing hot air.

This problem will arise due to a broken thermostat, issues with your vehicle heater core, a significantly low coolant level, or water leaking (radiator, hoses, or water pump).

Can a Faulty Key Cause the Honda Accord Heater to Not Work Correctly?

If you’re wondering about the reasons for honda accord key won’t unlock doors, it’s important to note that a faulty key can indeed affect the heater’s functionality. The key is intricately connected to various electrical systems in the car, including the heater controls. Therefore, if the key is not functioning correctly, it may disrupt the proper operation of the Honda Accord heater.

5 Steps to Troubleshoot a Honda Accord Heater Issue:

Here, I will be explaining a 5-step easy-to-do troubleshooting technique to guide you-

Step 1- Check the Coolant Level & Temperature of the Vents:

Remember, the heater cannot work without enough coolant, so you should check the coolant level first and confirm that it has hot coolant flowing through it to blow that heat inside the vehicle cabin.

Next, check the temperature coming out of the vents.

It should be somewhere in the middle and with the heat setting on hot, check the heat periodically.

If the temperature is higher than the room temperature or two stage less than lukewarm, there must be an error in the system.

Step 2- Inspect Heater Hoses on Firewall & Check the Vents Again:

Now, check whether there’s any issue with the heater core inside the vehicle or not and inspect whether it actually has heat supplied by the engine.

Start by checking the heater hoses on the firewall and see what kind of temperature the engine is producing.

Once you have located the hoses, inspect the heat condition by holding the areas with your hand.

If the front hose feels little cooler than the back one, confirm the condition by checking it with a temperature meter.

If there’s a temperature difference, most probably the reason behind this is a blocked heater core or because the on/off cable switch that controls the coolant flow has an issue.

Next, check the vents one more time.

Step 3- Check the Code & Perform Blender Test:

First, perform an internal computer check on this heater.

Then, wait while it performs an automatic heater test for the control head, and the electronic actuators run a self-test.

Once the test procedures are done, you will see a code popping on the screen and you have to count those flashes.

Once you have counted the code right, turn the blower motor off and see if it has stopped flashing, it means the system is ready to operate again.

Now, check the DTC troubleshooting chart and find out the received code meaning to perform the servicing task.

For example, if you are getting a code 9(pretty common in such cases), that means there is a problem with the air mix control linkage door/motor.

So, perform a blender test on your vehicle and through this testing process, you might need to fix here and there a little bit.

Step 4- Test the Motor with Heat:

Once the blender test and temporary fixing are done, test the motor with heat and see what happens.

If the temperature is acceptable and gradually rises while you are testing the heat, it’s acceptable.

If the actuator sounds a little weak, you should check its condition and if needed, replace it.

Next, move to the big gear compartment of your vehicle and apply some lubrication.

Then, turn the key on and see whether that trick worked or not.

If that does not work, check your motor part number and order a new one and replace the blower motor.

Step 5- Isolate the Heater Valve:

Next, isolate that heater valve to determine whether this section has a problem or not.

If the heater core lever moves fine and everything seems right, do an electric blend or motor on this one.

Ending Notes

As a Honda Accord vehicle owner or user, you might encounter several performance issues with its Heater sooner or later.

Fortunately, all those common Accord heater problems are fixable, but if the problem seems serious rather than performing that DIY hack, get help from an expert.

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