Honda Accord Car Won’t Start Due to a Brake System Problem?

The Honda Accord series are well-known for their functionality. But these models aren’t devoid of issues, and a problematic brake system is the most common one.

How to fix the Honda Accord brake system problem? You can try to check and clean the battery terminals. Another fix would be to replace the battery itself, as the low voltage will cause problems.

Don’t worry; in this article, we will explain the relevant fixes to the Honda Accord brake system problem. All you need is to stay till the right to the end of the article.

What Causes Honda Accord Brake System Problem Car Won’t Start?

Several issues can contribute to your Honda Accord not starting. The most common reasons behind brake system problems are listed as follows:

  • Bad battery
  • Stuck parking brake lever
  • Corroded terminal battery connections

3 solutions for honda accord brake system problems and the car won’t start:

Since a single reason is responsible for causing the brake system issue, solutions are several. Each of these solutions is somewhat different and focuses on a specific problem. That said, the fixes for the problems stated above are discussed below:

1. Clean corroded terminal battery connections

One of the core reasons the car won’t start due to brake system problems is the corroded battery terminals.

Whenever this happens, the corroded terminals in the battery contribute to the weak connection to the brake system. As a result, starting your Honda accord is problematic, or sometimes it won’t start.

To fix this issue, you must identify whether there are layers of whitish or greenish corrosion in the battery posts.

You must clean those layers to eliminate the problem and usually enable your Honda Accord to start. That said, you should be following the directives below to solve the issue:

  • Wear gloves and take a cup of water and mix baking soda in it
  • Dip a wire brush in the baking soda mixture and scrub it on the surface of the battery posts
  • Use a damp rag to wipe the posts after scrubbing

While carrying out this cleaning process, you must wear gloves as your hands will be prone to battery acid. On the other hand, this fix requires almost no cost as you can do it with your household items.

2. Fix the parking brake lever

A parking brake is a hand brake used to keep the vehicle motionless when parked. This hand brake can get stuck for various reasons, which may cause your Honda Accord not to start.

Mostly the brake gets stuck due to frozen weather, rusting, or when you keep it engaged for too long. To fix this, you will have to find the core reason behind the problem. Some of the fixes for the reasons mentioned above are:

  • When the brake is stuck due to rusting, try to apply and release the brake a few times to peel off some rust. If this method doesn’t work, consult a mechanic and lubricate all the necessary parts.
  • When the brake is released for too long, it will eventually get jammed. To fix this, you should try to apply force to get rid of stiffness.

It is always better to call for professional help to fix such issues. Depending on the type of issue, it will cost you around $200 to $500 as a mechanic cost.

3. Replace the bad battery

A bad car battery is the most identified reason behind cars not starting due to brake system problems in the Honda Accord. Mainly the low voltage from the battery results in the car not starting and brake system failure.

In this regard, the only option you have is to replace the battery. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Locate the battery position in your Honda Accord after opening the hood
  • Disconnect both the negative and positive terminal from the battery
  • Take out the battery from its position
  • Install the new battery and plug in the terminals

To pull off the whole task of old battery replacement will cost you around $190-200. It includes both the battery cost and the labor cost, where the battery is around $140-150, and if you take mechanic assistance, there will be an additional $40-50.


Your Honda Accord not starting due to the brake system problem may invoke many questions in your mind. Some of the most common ones are discussed below:

Can A Stuck Parking Brake Cause Honda Accord Not To Start?

Yes, a stuck parking brake lever may cause the Honda accord to display a brake system problem. Due to several reasons, a stuck parking brake lever will hamper the standard processing of the entire brake system. As a result, the Honda Accord car won’t start.

Why Do Terminal Battery Posts Get Corroded In Honda Accord?

The main reason behind the corrosion of terminal battery posts is the battery acid vapors that leak around these posts. It eventually results in the formation of white or greenish layers on those posts.

Does Low Voltage Contribute To The Honda Accord Brake System Problem?

Low voltage from the battery means the brake system sensors won’t get proper signals. For this reason, the car may not start due to a bad battery, which an unresponsive brake system would prompt.


The users have reported brake system problems causing the Honda Accord not to start more often in recent times. Reasons behind these problems aren’t that severe, so you should take precautions.

Precautions mainly include routine checkups of the relevant car parts that might be affected. It includes regular battery checkups because this issue is often directly linked to the battery. That said, depending on the core reason, you can try out the fixes mentioned above.

Moreover, the main motive of the article was to let you know that the car not starting problem of the Honda Accord due to brake issue is solvable. Still, if you have any confusion after all these, do let us know.

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