How to Fix Car Won’t Start With Jump No Click

When the car doesn’t jump-start or even there is no clicking, it can give you real stress. Jump-starting is required when you aren’t able to turn on your engine. But even that not working with zero clicking is a matter of concern.

Why won’t the car jump start? One of the most frequent causes of a car not starting with a jump is a component failure, such as a battery, starter, alternator, fuse, etc. In addition, the problem of no clicking adds fuel to the fire.

Anyway, no need to be worried; We will cover this problem’s ins and outs. Therefore, to get the solution, stay tuned with me right to the end of this article.

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What causes my car not to start or click, even with a jump?

Several reasons play a part in the car not responding to jump-starts and producing no clicks. Some of the most common reasons behind no jump and no click are:

Dead Battery

Dead Battery

Your car battery ensures that every component of the car is operating smoothly. Even when the vehicle doesn’t usually start, it aids in jump-starting the car.

But jump-starting will only be effective if the battery is entirely unusable or dead. From the part of any vehicle, it is an everyday phenomenon and mainly happens when the battery doesn’t have enough power.

The outcome is less holding of charge and the battery getting dumped. Eventually, none of the jump-starting or clicking noise would happen.

Blown Fuse


Only some of the time the battery will be faulty. When the battery seems okay, blown-out fuses might disable jump-starting or clicking noise. 

The best way to identify whether the problem is due to blown fuses or not, you should check the fuse box. Or else you need to see whether the starter relay gets powered up. If it doesn’t, the root cause of no click or jump-start is probably blown fuses.

Faulty Terminals


Are the terminals in your battery rusty? Battery terminals get corroded for various reasons. Such corrosion can lead to the terminals being permanently damaged.

That is why when you try to jump-start your car, it won’t respond. Besides, the terminals often loosen, which also doesn’t help in the case of jump-starting. 

Dead Alternator


When your car battery isn’t responding to any sort of charging from the alternator, assume the alternator to be dead. The main mechanism of the alternator happens while the engine is in running mode. 

But when the alternator itself isn’t functioning, there is no chance of constantly charging the battery. As a result, the lights in the dashboard or indicators won’t work. In addition, there will be issues with jump-starting the car. 

No Gas

Empty gas tank won’t help your way out when you are jump-starting the car. It can happen due to your negligence of emptying the gas tank.

If you feel your car might need jump-starting very often, never let the gas tank remain empty before starting the vehicle. Or else, the car would be completely dead as no clicking sound would be there. 

Damaged Spark Plugs

Damaged Spark

Faulty spark plugs don’t help to ignite the ignition switch in the car.

As a result, nothing happens to ignite the fuel inside the car, which helps to start the vehicle moving. 

That said, the car will produce no clicking sound, and even jump-starting won’t be used. Here the spark is the necessary element for the engine, and it isn’t possible with faulty spark plugs. 

How severe is a car not jump-starting and not clicking?

The severity of the car not responding to jump-starting doesn’t have a direct impact. However, the reasons behind the no jump-start or click can have severe implications.

For instance, when there are instances like a deteriorating battery, there will be heavy push on the car, leading the engine to heat excessively. 

Also, if the spark plugs are faulty, engine misfiring and rough idling can occur while driving. Therefore, you should consider these things when your car is on the verge of not responding to jump-start or no clicks.

How to fix a car not starting with a jump and no clicks?

You can’t stay long with your car not starting or facing the issue we are discussing almost regularly. All the possible problems are harboring around the alternator, battery, battery terminals, etc. That said, some of the things that you can do to fix the problem are as follows:

Inspect Battery Connection

When your battery terminals, spark plugs or components relevant to the battery like the ignition switch are faulty, problems will be evident.

That is why the first step is to inspect all the wiring and connections and check for damages.

Tighten the loosened connections when you identify them. But if the connections are broken or corroded, the only fix is their replacement.

Replace Alternator

Since a faulty alternator can be one of the most prominent reasons behind the problem, it needs replacement. But before that, you should identify the existence of any problem.

The process here would be to try jump-starting again. If the car suddenly starts for a minute or two, it’s sure that the issue is with the alternator. In such cases, any fixing won’t be of any use.

Therefore, you should replace the alternator with a new one at your nearby mechanic shop.

Inspect Fuel or Gas Tank

Inadequate fuel in the vehicle will not let the vehicle start. But you often may need to keep at least some fuel before parking your car in the garage at night.

That is why use a fuel gauge when your car doesn’t even click and does not start even after jump-starting. With the meter, check the levels to see whether enough oil or gas is present. If not, that is probably the issue, and you would be required to fill up the tank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You would be super confused when you see that jump-starting isn’t working and no click sounds are in the car. We know that’s going to stir a lot of questions, so we added some of the most asked queries below for your convenience. 

How Dead A Car Battery Should Be To Disable Engine Start?

There is nothing to be too dead about the car battery, which doesn’t respond to jump-starting. It is either permanently out of function, or it has faulty alternators. 

How Many Times Can You Jump-Start A Damaged Battery?

Jump-starting a battery once in a while is never an issue. But when you have to jump-start a battery at least thrice a week, it requires replacement before anything gets worse.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Damaged Spark Plug?

Fixing the spark plug means eventually replacing the plug with a new one. In that case, the spark plug will cost you around $5-20. On the other hand, the mechanic cost will be around $115-120.

Final Words

Starting the engine with jump-starting is a solution when the car doesn’t click normally. But when it doesn’t work, plus there is no clicking sound, you may panic.

Usually, it happens due to common problems like faulty batteries or terminals. However, you need to identify the actual cause before going for the fix. In most cases, it’s the defective components, but sometimes when your car doesn’t have enough fuel to start, nothing works.

Finally, keeping track of the essential car parts associated with starting is crucial. When you see jump-starting becoming regular, better replace your battery. 

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